Best motorcycle riding jeans – check out four lines of Broger Jeans

Best motorcycle riding jeans – check out four lines of Broger Jeans

Best motorcycle riding jeans – check out four lines of Broger Jeans

Best motorcycle riding jeans – check out four lines of Broger Jeans

Keep it stylish, comfortable and most importantly – safe. 

Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. Each line is inspired by a different state in the US, ranging from the East Coast to the West Coast, and adapted to the riding conditions prevailing there. California, Ohio, and Florida models have been designed both for women and men.  

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Best motorcycle riding jeans – check out four lines of Broger Jeans 

Inspired by the culture and diversity of the United States, they will prove themselves in all conditions. We present to you four lines of the best motorcycle riding jeans: ALASKA, FLORIDA, CALIFORNIA, and OHIO. 

All Broger jeans are made of denim, a legendary material worn all over the world, and loved for the comfort it gives. You can expect the same putting on Broger Jeans. To make the trousers even more comfortable and airy we used Coolmax® technology. But your safety is our priority above all else. That’s why our jeans are made of Cordura® – a material which is five times more resistant than regular denim. Also, we added Kevlar® – a light and durable aramid fiber material used in bulletproof vests – lining and SAS-TEC® – a soft and flexible foam, which turns hard on impact, absorbing its energy – knee and hips protectors.  

The above-mentioned characteristics are common for all the lines, but each of them is unique in a way. Let’s have a look. 

Best motorcycle riding jeans – ALASKA 

If you love being close to nature and getting off the beaten track; if you’re never sure when you’ll be back home and what weather will catch you, then our Alaska motorcycle jeans are perfect for you. 

Not only are they comfortable, but also practical as well. They are made of cotton with a twill weave, which ensures greater durability of the fabric than cotton with a simple weave. Hence the jeans are less susceptible to dirt and runkling. On top of that, many pockets will hold all the items you carry with you. The loose fit and military-inspired style of the Alaska jeans will make you look cool, no matter where your travels take you to. 

Best motorcycle riding jeans – CALIFRONIA 

A free spirit living in the moment and enjoying life to the full. An adventure enthusiast, who loves spending time outdoors. If this is how you define yourself, then our California motorcycle jeans are a perfect fit for you.  

You will definitely appreciate the comfort provided by those jeans. Once you get off your bike, you can remove the Kevlar lining and go to the beach or restaurant simply wearing a comfy pair of your favorite jeans. You won’t be standing out of the crowd, as they have a slim fit cut and narrowed legs. 

Best motorcycle riding jeans – FLORIDA 

When you’re on your two wheels, you’re virtually unstoppable. No matter if you ride in the scorching heat of the summer or the torrential rain of the rainy season. In Florida motorcycle jeans no weather will restrain you. They are highly breathable, water-repellent, and UV-resistant.

These protective trousers are made of super-strong and ultra-light Dyneema® fibers that are 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramid fibers. It makes the jeans almost impossible to wear out. What’s more, properties of the fibers remain the same with time –  soft and pleasant for you, strong and durable when in contact with the asphalt.

If you appreciate the comfort of well-fitted motorbike clothes, you will love their regular fit and elasticity. Florida Broger Jeans rock the classy plain look, so they are a perfect choice to ride in the city.

Best motorcycle riding jeans – OHIO 

You ride a lot, and you ride fast. If you could, you’d never get off your bike, be it downtown cruising or speeding outside of the city. This means Ohio jeans were made for you! 

They have a loose cut with slightly tapered, free legs. The knee protectors in Ohio motorcycle jeans are tucked on from the outside, so you can remove them, whenever you feel fit. This kind of lifestyle requires an extra level of protection and comfort. You can be sure you receive it with Ohio motorcycle jeans.  

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