Best protective summer motorcycle jacket - check out Broger Ohio

Best protective summer motorcycle jacket - check out Broger Ohio

Best protective summer motorcycle jacket - check out Broger Ohio

Riding in the summer is definitely much more pleasant than riding in the winter, but it can also be tricky. You need to be cautious not to dehydrate or overheat. Which is a slippery slope for an accident.

When you’re melting in your motorcycle jacket the temptation to leave it at home is big, but every rider’s concern should be their protection. How to get through the hot weather, be safe, and still enjoy the ride?

Best hot weather leather motorcycle jacket - Broger Ohio jacket

Broger Ohio motorbike jacket is a novelty in the Broger family, ensuring both comfort and safety. The Broger Ohio line was inspired by the East North Central region of the US and is a perfect choice for those riders who are looking for motorcycle clothes that will also prove themselves in all conditions. But above all else, Ohio bike jacket is a perfect choice to ride in the city, especially on hot days.

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Leather is often the go-to for jackets to see you through the summer because they usually have no mid or bottom layer making you unnecessarily hot.

The Broger Ohio summer jacket is made of cowhide leather on the outside and polyester lining on the inside. It’s modern design allows a refreshing through-breeze while you ride as the jacket features air ducts at chest and perforation at sleeves gussets.

Summer motorcycle jacket with armor - stay cool, comfy, and safe

You ride a lot, and you love riding fast. If you could, you’d never get off your bike, be it downtown cruising or speeding outside of the city. We know this feeling very well and we know that this kind of lifestyle requires an extra level of protection and comfort.

Luckily, warm weather motorcycle clothing has made huge leaps and bounds in terms of providing both the cooling needed to keep your ride pleasant and high levels of protection.

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You can be sure you receive both with an Ohio summer motorcycle jacket. As we have equipped this lightweight jacket with armor: CE-certified SAS-TEC protectors on the shoulders, elbows, and an optional back protector pocket.

On top of that the cowhide leather outershell is very durable and abrasion-resistant. So even when summer riding, you can be sure you wear the best protective riding gear for the summer.

Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, inspired by the culture of the United States, you will definitely appreciate the benefits the Broger Ohio jacket gives you.