Back in the Saddle: Filip's Uplifting Tale After a Brush with Fate

Back in the Saddle: Filip's Uplifting Tale After a Brush with Fate

Back in the Saddle: Filip's Uplifting Tale After a Brush with Fate

The thrill of the open road, the rhythm of the engine, and the sheer joy of motorcycling - that's what drives every biker. And sometimes, on this beautiful journey, there are bumps along the way. Today, we're chatting with Filip, a passionate rider who recently encountered one such bump. Yet, he's here, exuding positivity, thanks in part to his trusty Broger apparel. His story is not just about the accident, but about the passion, the resilience, and the love for the ride.


Broger Team: Filip, every rider has a love story with their bike. Can you tell us about yours? What drew you to motorcycling in the first place?

Filip: My passion for motorcycles developed spontaneously. Interestingly, no one in my family rode motorcycles, and there were even some objections. Motorcycles always fascinated me, especially the older ones that emitted that unmistakable scent of oil and gasoline from their carburetors. I had a vision of a cafe racer or brat-style motorcycle in my mind, as I always admired those styles. The Kawasaki Zephyr 550 wasn't the obvious choice, but it caught my attention because, despite its relatively young age, its intriguing design reminded me of classic old Japanese bikes. Initially, it was supposed to be a transitional bike, just for a while during my studies and skill development. However, my heart won over reason, and various modifications, frame cuts, and more started happening. That's how it stayed with me to this day.

BT: We've heard you had an incident recently. Before we delve into that, tell us about that day. Was it a regular ride or a special one?

F: That day was quite eventful due to a business trip scheduled for the following day. Additionally, I was in the midst of moving, packing, and taking care of various pending tasks. I had to pick up my motorcycle from my old apartment, which was about 80 kilometers away, as it couldn't stay there any longer, and then return it to my new parking spot. It was supposed to be a quick, routine ride without any surprises, but unfortunately, I had to switch to an ambulance along the way.

BT: During the incident, you were wearing Broger. How do you feel your Broger gear stood by you in those challenging moments?

F: Indeed, I was wearing Broger jeans and an Alaska shirt. The gear performed exceptionally well, despite a few scrapes and tears on the material. The aramid lining remained practically untouched, and I ended up with only a few bruises and a small abrasion on my back.

BT: Biking is as much about style as it is about safety. Why did Broger appeal to you when selecting your riding apparel?

F: In reality, the first thing that caught my attention was the style. I watched numerous reviews of different riding gear before making a decision, but Broger seemed to encompass many of the aspects I was looking for. It turned out to be the right choice.

BT: Can you share a feature of your Broger clothing that you particularly love, whether for its style, its comfort, or its protection?

F: These clothes are of very high quality, they match my everyday style, and they are incredibly comfortable. This allows for comfortable and unrestricted use both while riding the motorcycle and during other activities like walking, camping, or going to a bar. I feel like I'm wearing regular everyday clothing, and that's probably their greatest advantage.

BT: After the incident, when you first checked your gear and yourself, what went through your mind?

F: Right after the accident, I got up on my own feet immediately. I remember taking off my helmet, throwing it on the grass, and looking around. It was slowly sinking in what had just happened. Two guys in a van stopped behind me, helped me move the motorcycle to the side of the road, and offered assistance in transporting it. Despite having no visible injuries, an ambulance was called, and I was taken to the hospital for a more thorough examination. While waiting for the ambulance, I glanced back at the motorcycle leaning against the guardrail and felt grateful that everything had ended the way it did.

BT: Riding is all about the community. How did fellow riders or bystanders react, especially seeing the condition of your gear post-incident?

F: Friends and family were shocked that I came out of it without any major injuries. As for the reactions on the road, people typically slowed down to see what had happened as they passed by. When the ambulance arrived, the paramedic even asked me about the gear I was wearing because I looked as though I had fallen while running on a sidewalk rather than being in a motorcycle accident.

BT: Every ride teaches us something. What has this experience reinforced or taught you about riding, safety, and passion?

F: This experience definitely reinforced how important it is to be vigilant and aware of everything and everyone on the road. You have to keep your wits about you. Only after such an incident does one truly realize how fragile life is and how little it takes for an accident to occur. It has certainly taught me never to get on a motorcycle without the proper gear.

BT: We're sure our readers are eager to know: What's next for Filip and his beloved bike?

F: My plan is to continue enjoying this passion and strive to further develop it. I want to continue educating myself as a motorcyclist and hone my skills. As for the bike, for now, I'll stick with the Zephyr because it's a really cool and nimble machine. I live in the city, and it performs exceptionally well for daily commuting. But I do have my eyes set on acquiring or building something older, like a Honda CB750 Four, in the future.

Filip's spirited tale reminds us of the joy of the ride and the invaluable peace of mind that comes with wearing the right gear. It's a dance between adventure and assurance, and with Broger by our side, we can enjoy every twist and turn the road offers. Here's to more rides, more stories, and the endless horizon ahead. Ride with heart, ride with Broger.