About Us

Our Values

Broger moto was born in the minds of passionate motorcyclists who couldn’t find a balance between looking good and feeling safe. So, we made one.

Since 2018, we have evolved into a premium motorcycle clothing brand, fusing European design and engineering with smart, safe technology. We follow the creation process of our gear from top to bottom, to assure the quality level we guarantee to deliver.

Being passionate about this industry and listening to all the two wheelers, riders, and Broger Aces, we can ensure that our high-performance protective gear does the hard work, so you can focus on what matters.

From the team

"Hey Bro! We’re glad to have you here. Same as us, you’d like to ride all your way though life on two wheels feeling safe and looking good. For us, a motorcycle is not just a means of transport, it’s a way of life. Riding along the coast, catching up with friends and enjoying spending our time in nature. We’re glad you fell the same."


Broger is not just a motorcycle clothing brand, it is a way of life. The life in balance between feeling safe and feeling good on your bike, without having to choose between them. Being passionate about two-wheelers and style, we have created a collection of motorcycle riding gear we would like to wear ourselves.

Style & Technology

We took inspiration from the culture and diversity of the United States, making sure that American play goes side by side with unwavering protection, no matter the terrain. We made a lot of effort to combine great-looking design with smart technology. That’s why our motorcycle jeans, jackets, and shoes are made only from high-performance, state-of-the-art textiles like aramid, Cordura®, Dyneema®, and Kevlar®.

Final Thoughts

Our goal was to produce comfortable, safe, and stylish apparel for everyone, and we made it.

So no matter if you’re a bro [broʊ] or a girl [gɜrl], if you ride in the city or in the wild; we will dress you from head to toe. 22

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