Broger Florida Lady – protective denim motorcycle jackets for women

Broger Florida Lady – protective denim motorcycle jackets for women

Broger Florida Lady – protective denim motorcycle jackets for women

In the Broger Florida line, besides the jeans, you can dress yourself up with a denim motorcycle jacket. Feel comfortable, safe, and stylish even on hot days.

Summer, beach, and relaxation – that's what everyone associates with the “Sunny State”. The Broger Florida line was indeed inspired by the US East Coast state and is a perfect choice for those ladies who are looking for motorcycle clothes for warm weather.

 It’s more than just a denim jacket

In the Broger Florida line, we will dress you from head to toe. Besides protective jeans that rock the classy look, we have designed a denim motorcycle jacket. They are perfect both for riding on a bike and everyday use. As this clothing line brings safety and style together as one.

(Non)classic motocycle denim jacket

Although at first glance, a Florida jacket seems to be a classic denim one, it is made of completely non-classic materials. Namely, super-strong and ultra-light Dyneema® fibers that are 15 times stronger than steel and 40% stronger than aramid fibers. It makes the jacket almost impossible to wear out. What’s more, the properties of the fibers remain the same – soft and pleasant for you, strong and durable even when in contact with the asphalt. It is a guarantee of your safety and comfort, without the use of additional layers, fastenings, or linings.

Comfortable and sleek motorcycle jackets for women

If you appreciate the comfort of well-fitted motorbike clothes, you will love Broger Florida Lady’s regular fit and elasticity. The motorcycle jacket is perfectly shaped to a woman’s figure, slim, but not too tight. So when you hop off your bike, you can have a walk on the beach or grab a cup of coffee looking casual and feeling comfy.

Florida denim jackets come in two colors both for women and men: Washed Blue and Washed Black.Designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists, inspired by the culture of the United States, the Broger Florida jackets will prove themselves in all conditions. But above all else, they are a perfect choice to ride in the city, especially on hot days.