California - the land of the motorcycle roaming!

California - the land of the motorcycle roaming!

California - the land of the motorcycle roaming!

Suppose you're looking for a place to explore and ride motorcycles; look no further than California. This place inspired the world with its beautiful landscapes, perfect weather and thrilling rides. At Broger moto, we tend to sip coffee and daydream about the open roads of California since we're all about that life on the road. And we're not alone! Plenty of riders in California love riding just as much as us! For them and everyone interested in visiting the state for a motorcycle adventure, here are a few things you should know before hitting the road. Pack your motorcycle gear and let's dig in;

Why our gear branch is named after the sunny state? 

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves riding your motorcycle along scenic roads with gorgeous ocean views and an endless horizon, then California is the place. But while glaring in the distance, we lose focus on the road itself. All our gear is on the minimum CE level for such a situation! Take a glimpse at California Jeans. While Dupont Kevlar Aramid Fiber already sounds like stuff NASA uses on Mars, these baddies have CE level 2 knee protectors, along with level one CE hips and tailbone pads - all SAS-TEC! And guess what? Your rear will look fantastic, as always! These are made to be wear and forget type of clothing. Get your blood pumping by a gasoline smell, grab a cold one next to a beach, and enjoy the casual look.

The build follows the minimalistic line of jeans with just the necessary pockets. All slim, nothing bulky!

California Jeans

How does California motorcycle gear fit?

Damn well! If you're talking about gear that will fit just right, literally speaking, we've got you covered. Slim lines, casual look but protective as f*ck. These bad boys will take you through all the California mountain roads and rugged terrain. You'll need a jacket to keep you warm at night and keep the cold winds out. Did we mention it's water-repellent and windproof? Never underestimate the coastal weather! Look casual, but be ready for harsh business. On the highway, you'll have to take those hairpin turns with smooth precisions and sudden stops to avoid hitting the ground stone dead in the middle of the road. Being protected no matter what you do is the key to riding longer!


California motorbike sneakers - are they even protecting me?

We know you like stomping with your boots, but have you tried outrunning the cops in glans? California Motorcycle Sneakers keeps the driving fashion game on point with a super cool design that looks like a regular pair of sneakers but a hell lot safer! Made of denim and perforated leather with built-in SAS-TEC ankle protectors and reinforced toes and heel ends. Ultimately, it is a motorcycle shoe that looks like a sneaker, not the other way around! Don't be fooled by the name, though - this is a functional product that protects your feet from getting stomped while riding down the road. 


Should I get a California set?

We beg you not to roll like sushi but aim for California if your style is slim and you love great weather riding. This one is for heat lovers who do not break a sweat in a sticky situation. It is not made for racing, but we bet you chose a different way of living than the competition. Get a pair or two and make it your new go-to gear for kicking back and enjoying the sun. Peace!