Does a flannel shirt make good motorcycle gear

Does a flannel shirt make good motorcycle gear

Does a flannel shirt make good motorcycle gear

Picking the flannel shirt for work around your beloved motorcycle is obvious. After discovering that your mechanic's beer cage is empty, making a moto beer run seems like a good cause. Yet, even if sober, is your shirt a good protection on such a short distance? Nope. Let's be clear – owning a proper motorcycle shirt is bliss in disguise, Broger is about to unveil.

Do motorcycle shirts work?

An old hobo once said during his sane wisdom ritual, "it depends".

However, modern human decision-makers and motorcycle shirt-makers abide by science and challenging experience. No serious manufacturer will want to put his protection on the line if he knows the same effect was accomplished with a ten times lower price with readily available fabric.

At Broger, we aim to match the style and comfort that comes from being protected. Shirts for motorcycle riding should have a CE label and prove it's ready to take the beating.

At 30 mph, the padding in your shirt should be shifting in and out of the motion of your body but still stay in one piece when you slam. An ill-fitting shirt or the moment of the unexpected, a loss of traction, the surprise of the open road – you never know when shit hits the fan. When it does, it is better to have some protection in place.

How safe are riding shirts?

"As an old hobo once said,"... nah, they are pretty good nowadays. Good tricks for a motorcycle shirt include breathability, water-resistant coating and hidden pads in critical areas. SAS-TEC is a good choice as its pads are light and durable. Modern riding shirts are made to be tough on the outside.

Broger also like to use the inner mesh liner with protectives to make it easy to unzip the mentioned layer and enjoy an authentic flannel shirt for the afterparty! We are also huge fans of velcro pads that can fit easily.

The same goes for the removable back protector. Making it a 2-in-1 piece of motorcycle riding gear is a blessing. But does it still do the job usually done by leather or denim jackets? No, the more sturdy motorcycle jackets are, without a doubt, the best gear when racing against the clock with all the gas you have. But these flannel motorcycle shirts are simply something else for chiller rides, beer runs, or simple cruising during an evening.

Are Kevlar shirts good?

Oh yeah, they are! In the industry, Kevlar is set in stone as one of the most commonly used fabrics for sports and industrial shirts. Why is it so popular? We have a few reasons.

First of all, this material is solid. It does not stretch but can resist enough to make you want to start looking for something a little more substantial, no matter what you're wearing.

The next thing to take note of is it keeps warmth. It is light and only 45% to 60% of the weight of cotton. That means your shirt stays light while the fabrics are ready to take the beating.

They also resist water and electricity, making them one of the safest fabrics.

The summary will be a quick one. The flannel motorcycle shirt is pure steez, but choose it only when the CE standard is met and you can feel some level 1 or 2 pads on it. With Broger's Alaska shirt, you can rock the barstool sports or enjoy the view for the rest of the day. If you are up to some high ass speed, look for denim/canvas/leather jackets instead!