Florida motorcycle apparel from Broger

Florida motorcycle apparel from Broger

Florida motorcycle apparel from Broger

There's no doubt that motorcycle riding is a thrilling experience. But is it sophisticated? Could you be a rugged die-hard fan while living the good life? How to be a boss without being posh? Broger Florida line is an answer to all these questions. The epitome of cool lays in motorcycle jackets that are durable and protective. Is denim the new leather? Let's find out!

We sincerely believe you can be stylish and safe without compromising comfort. In motorcycle gear, it is often too easy to fall into the pattern of staying safe but being uncomfortable. We want to maintain your convenience even if you're on the road, so we've created a range of products that ensure safety without skimping style. Sounds a bit cocky? Welcome to Broger. The go-to brand for those who seek to stand out from the crowd without sacrificing their sense of style.

Ride as U love, stay who you R

Florida is the synonym of lust for adventure with a chilled-back attitude. There is no need to be flashy. All you need to do is to be yourself and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Heat waves and the nearby ocean keeps the moisture all year round, so being dry is a quest for clothing. Good wind ventilation and lightweight will be a decent move. A denim or a textile jacket can dry wet and damp skin. But which kind of?

The best denim choice

Broger Florida Denim Jacket is ready to make you look sharp and stylish in every situation. It is so because Armalith® infused denim with its ultra-lightweight fibre is more robust than steel weight to weight! This is the best to happen to denim since the Levis brothers invented it in the 1870s.

Yet, Armalith® Ultra high molecular weight polyethene fibres (yeah, that is an official name for the classic UHMWPE acronym) inclusion makes a vast difference in performance in comfort and protection. It reacts to body heat and stretches minimally without sacrificing its integrity, allowing it to maintain its shape even after multiple washes.

Also, it is far more robust to torsion than renowned Kevlar! If the army and NASA use it, it will be great for moto too! If you are looking for the best quality motorcycle gear with denim style – look for this specific material and CE certificate. Thus, this attire can be worn at work or on motorbike rides for utmost satisfaction and safety.

Free and slim

Ok, Armalith® is a super fabric but does not present the most prominent feature. We are all about the smart details that make anything better and fashion-forward. The best part about this shirt is the piping detail that flows nicely between the arms and bottom part – its fresh look is unmatched in the market. The stretch will allow free movement, while the slim fit won't restrict your movements while in the saddle – the best of both worlds for those who tend to keep it rugged and casual.

Casual but protected

Casual does not mean unprotected. Elbows and shoulders are covered by SAS-TEC protectors that can withstand a lot. What about the legs, though? The Florida line is filled with smart variations of CE protectors of levels 1 and 2 – manly from SAS-TEC but also some more flexible ones in the gloves. All in a timeless design that reflects effortlessly on your personality while out for a ride.