get ready for summer with broger clothes

Get ready for being hot – must-haves to survive the first heat on the road

get ready for summer with broger clothes

The heat tide is coming, so it is time to dig in for more easygoing biking clothes! How to survive the heat on the road? We got plenty of good answers for it! The main rules would be staying hydrated and opting for summer-ready motorcycle gear - for the rest, read on!

Don't get us wrong, Hawaii shirts and board shorts should stay in the backpack for the beach mission. If you got the cold drinks ready, it's time to choose the right jacket for sunny days, as keeping you in one piece has been our mission since day one. The ever-changing side of summer means you need to be ready for heat, moist, salty water and quick changes in the location. Stay light and protected - pick CE approved clothing with as much breathability as possible. To cruise until sunrise and use as a blanket on a beach, we would go with Florida II moto jacket or Alaska shirt.

Florida II is a superb choice for an all-around summer jacket with Sas-Tec grade protection and Armalith Denim. Why Sas-Tec? It is our favourite protector as it folds freely when not put under pressure, but it absorbs the impact like Rocky Balboa in his prime days. Detachable pads on the shoulder, back, and elbows make picking the protection level before the ride easier. Broger used magnetic pins for easy undressing with your gloves on for bra and wide open enthusiasts. The rest of the features will make you smile. It is easy as that.

Still too hot? We recommend the Alaska shirt for the lighter option but just as stylish as the new Florida jacket. While the shirt's origin may not sound like a first hot holiday destination, it is due to the durability and classic flannel look that brought it to this write-up—working apparel look, firm cotton and a detachable Sas-tec back protector. Warm enough for the colder nights on the shore while sufficient light for the dog days on the road. When you pick a shirt for a bike - look for CE tags and the level of protection your pads have. That's the proof your gear is legit and road-ready!

For the last bit - test your fit! Broger may have all the XS to 4XL sizes, but only going to the shop and putting on the motorcycle gear counts as fitting. Some like it lose, some like it tight - just make sure it is all right! Now put on some sunscreen as the ozone layer stayed in the 90s, and go for the ride!