Girls United

Girls United

Girls United

Motorcycle Girl Gang is what we are up to! In a world ruled for far too long by men, girls found a lot of common ground through motorcycle riding. We love burning tires, long hauls and beers at the campfire. We live this lifestyle as hard as anyone else! It is not about making more barriers in our life. With this text, we want to encourage ladies to try on some heavy boots and hit the gas. We bet you will love it! Having fun is never supposed to be for one gender only, as we know our male homies would do a lot of "girlie" stuff. Ok, back to business. How to get your girlfriend rolling?


First, do not listen to anybody if they are trying to patronize you. You are probably doing it just right if some random guy is trying to tell you that you are "too girly" to be on a motorbike. Women have been on bikes long before guys realized this. We are sick and tired of people telling us what is good or bad for us. We figured it out. We are adults too. We love mistakes and the road less travelled, so if this is not about trying to save our lives, please, shut the **** up. Learning curves and dealing with failure is one of the best lessons a person can get.

Do your own thing

Second and probably the most important one is that you are here to have fun. If it is about the clothing, the lifestyle, or the gear swing between Harley and Honda – pick what you love about the motorcycle and live it. Stay away from the crowd or hype; do your own thing. Find a shop full of positive vibes and some trustworthy people to share your experiences with.

A great circle is the best when trying a new passion – getting advice from people that have been at it longer than you is a great way to avoid mistakes and find better solutions if you run into trouble on the road. But those golden nuggets know when to speak. If they get pushy, remind them you are a rookie, and you don't give a damn.

The right ride for you

When picking your bike, make sure it's manageable for you to handle. That's a fine piece of advice too. Starting with a qualified person who knows how to help you through the tricky parts initially can help you stay safe and give you the confidence you need to enjoy your ride. Some machines are too aggressive for beginners. Believe us, no one genuinely wants to be in the next YouTube Whiskey Throttle compilation. Sometimes, finding a decent bike in the proper price range is tricky. Borrow first, pay later.

Don’t give up

Investing too much at the beginning may be a barrier that keeps your fellow rider from starting. Learn if there is a cool spot where you can rent stuff before buying it – local clubs are also doing weekend rides for rookies, so getting into a pack of skilled fellows could boost your morale.

Trying to force yourself to learn to ride a motorcycle is tough sometimes. And having a macho biker boyfriend doesn't help, either. Nevertheless, keep pushing, try to learn from your mistakes and don't give up! Also, skip the Internet forums. They are full of trolls, and if you are about to make your first steps, focus on the basics. Before getting a license for driving full-size motorcycles, look for a dealer that will sell you a smaller one to practice on. This helps build confidence and helps you learn better balance without the added weight of a larger bike.

Fail and try again

We don't say it often, but getting through schools seems legit to understand the traffic rules. To break them later, you need to know them by heart! Protecting yourself at all costs, assuming everyone else is a douche, is an excellent mantra to adopt early in your riding career. Trust no one on the road, as your inner dialogue may be your best ally sometimes.

Keep on pushing on. As with every skill, it takes time to feel confident. Start small, learn, fail and try again! We at Broger believe in you no matter your skill level and can't wait to burn some asphalt together!