Elie's wearing helmet

Meet Elie, our lady rider ruling the streets of Paris is the second episode od GET OFF series

Elie's wearing helmet

From mars-like wastelands of Lanzarote we’re bringing it right back into the middle of an urban jungle. Welcome to Paris, the world’s hub for nostalgic riders, where style has to come with everything you do. Whether it’ a coffee rendezvous at the chic lanes of Marais or a city escape into the wilderness of Versailles, the parisian motorcyclists do their part to keep the fashion spirit of the city alive.

Meet Ellie, our lady rider born and raised in the southwest of France. She came and conquered the motorcycle scene of Paris 4 years ago, chasing the dream of living a more fulfilling live. She fills her heart with gasoline and goes off around the city on her classic BMW bikes.

Elie's smilling on the motorcycle


If you’re looking for an inspiration on how to follow your passion and still make a living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, look no further. Ellie went with her gut, quit her job and build her life anew, this time putting what makes her happy in the middle of the equation. When she rides, she rides for her freedom and she needs her gear to provide the same.

Freedom to fully express her style wherever she goes, without compromising her safety. 

Watch her rule the streets of Paris in her Broger gear in our new “GET OFF” episode.