Montana motorcycle collection – why is it so special for Broger?

Montana motorcycle collection – why is it so special for Broger?

Montana motorcycle collection – why is it so special for Broger?

Coming back from a dusty road, smelling like burnt tire and whiskey barrel straight into the walk-in shower at your penthouse. Feels good. Timeless meets durable in our Montana line! Named after one of the wildest states, it will keep you dry and warm during the expeditions.  

Broger took Montana's motorcycle jackets and boots to the next level with a design that will survive cold showers and red carpets. Dig in to learn more about this iconic monolayer mayhem! 

Montana Cookie Jacket

Monolayer motorbike apparel - what the heck is that? 

The Broger Montana line is excellent for late summer rides. Its unique style is matched by its safety. Our monolayer technology is, simply put – a monolayer of canvas with all its ups and downs. Of course, all our gear is CE-certified, with special SAS-tec instalments in Montana motorbike jackets and boots to keep you in one piece. Always and everywhere! As a robust material, the canvas keeps its form so that even after a long ride, it will keep its original shape and not fold much. It will stay water and wind resistant with proper impregnation and care during your next wash - but the main thing is it will last for years! Hard to tear and strong - perfect for a working material. 

Is Montana motorcycle apparel for me? 

If you are looking for do-it-all motorbike apparel, you are at the right place. From the highway to the trendy bar – it ticks all the boxes on safety and stylish levels. The cowhide motorcycle boots will keep you rocking on the way to the table while keeping you comfortable in the saddle. Jacket? It gets a nod from the bikers and a gasp from the ladies. It is a good ratio of feeling a sexy demon while knowing it will have your back when the road gets nasty. After all, we are making good-looking salty equipment without compromising on either aspect 

Montana Cookie Jacket

Montana motorbike jacket – how does it fit? 

Canvas motorbike jackets are great for your lovely curves. They stay firm no matter what trouble your day is. If you are an authentic style enthusiast, having a plain yet trendy jacket is a must. During our busy lifestyle, there is no place for coming along with a complete clothing closet. A do-it gear saves a ton of time you can use for.. riding more on your motorcycle 

Montana Jacket

The fit itself is more on the slim technical side. What does that mean? You won't get lost in your pockets or wind swirling around your waist. Montana is known for high winds, so being aerodynamic on the way could save some gas and power from moving on! A tailored fit may be bliss but also a foe – measure yourself before adding it to a cart, as comfort always comes first! 

Montana motorbike glans – stylish motorcycle boots 

When looking for new motorbike shoes, you look for a safe and comfy combination. Luckily, these biker boots would be our pick if we had plans to make it straight from the highway to MetGala's red carpet. Natural cowskin leather with comfy insoles and hidden protectors will keep you relaxed during a day full of cruising, meetings and the smell of gasoline! The colourway will eliminate the typical biker shoe stereotype without an issue with surviving some heavy mud stomping! They will need some breaking in, so use online guides from our website to get them perfect from day one.  

Montana Boots

If you find yourself lost between our motorcycle clothing lines, feel free to contact us personally or ping your local dealers – we know getting everything perfect takes time, but we would be honoured if you rock our stuff with joy! Take care, and see you on the road!