Ohio Means freedom and here is why

Ohio Means freedom and here is why

Ohio Means freedom and here is why

Broger Ohio line is for those who love the freedom of the open road without any boundaries. There are no borders, no judgment, no paychecks and no worries!

If you like speed, adventure, and taking risks, you should wear the Ohio leather jacket. It will fit you perfectly. This is a classic mix of retro motorcycle gear and a traditional leather jacket, so there is no doubt that it will look beautiful on you.

On the outside, the jacket is made from premium Italian leather with unique details. It is way more modern inside, with an internal pocket for your phone, money, passport, sunglasses, and a bottle of Jack Daniels. We know you don't care about looking slim, but the ramonesque vibe and hard rock muscle will speak louder than the advertisement!

Why is this motorcycle leather jacket designed for petrolheads?

You won't spot here any gadgets and whistles. Only pure leather was transformed by the brains of the classic designers. The result is an eye-catching and versatile leather jacket that can satisfy your petty desires without compromise!

Despite looking like your parent's Altamont apparel, it is more high-tech than usual motorcycle jackets for cruisers.

Why leather jackets and leather motorcycle jackets are not the same things?

So let's try to imagine. Take a clump of muddy dirt or mud. Put it into a fake leather jacket or a jacket made of zechia leaves and have a dip in it. Immediately you'll feel a chill. The inner layer of the jacket becomes greasy and wet, the fabric gets dirty, and there are no proper drying facilities either. This is the leather that is often found on the market.

On the other hand, Broger's genuine leather motorcycle jacket is 100% pure cowhide leather! Not only does it last longer, it is more expensive, but it also has better qualities.

Still, the most important feature is being designed for riding! It is CE-approved, the padding is SAS-TEC level 2, it is waterproof, and the vents are there for comfort during long hauls. You already know we love to preach about safety and style coming hand in hand. Who will fit best for this timeless piece?

Motorcycle leather jacket perfect for choppers and cruisers

You guessed it. Tattoos, a solid will to ride and a favourite bar are always on the map. This one goes to all the risk-takers who love the smell of burnt rubber. Once you put it on, you feel you are right there, on a thousand-mile-long highway – but remember to fasten your side straps and put the helmet on!