Shutter Stories: Monika's Journey with Broger

Shutter Stories: Monika's Journey with Broger

Shutter Stories: Monika's Journey with Broger

Every shot captures a moment, but when that moment is a blur of motion, it requires a special kind of talent behind the lens. Meet Monika - Broger's go-to photographer whose life is as vibrant and dynamic as the images she creates. A downhill mountain biker, a motorcyclist, and a snowboarder; Monika doesn’t just freeze moments, she's part of them.


Broger Team: Monika, you have quite the repertoire of adventures. How did you first get into extreme sports, and how has that shaped your photography?


Monika: I began getting used to the adrenaline rush when I was 5 years old, as that's when I started horseback riding, a passion that continued for the next 15 years. Over time, various sports became part of my life. Some stuck around longer, like snowboarding in the winter and mountain biking in the summer. When you're passionate about these sports, you understand the emotions they evoke, the joy of mastering new skills. You also photograph your passion, and it's a mutual motivation. It makes you want to engage in more sports and take even more photos in that vibe.


BT: Many would say motorcycling and photography are two ends of a spectrum. Yet, for you, they seem to intertwine perfectly. Can you describe that synergy?


M: The answer from the previous question fits here perfectly. Motorcycles initially became my job, but very quickly they also became my passion. I never thought that motorcycle photography would bring me so much satisfaction. It's full of emotions, action, and challenges.


BT: Your photos for Broger are iconic. How do you manage to convey not just the look but also the feel and ethos of Broger through your images?


M: I completely identify with the Broger brand; I love everything about it, from its vision to the clothing I wear when motorcycling. The brand aligns with my vision of motorcycling, so I think it naturally comes together in the photos.


BT: Downhill mountain biking, motorcycling, snowboarding - all demand a different kind of focus. How do you adapt your photographic style to each?


M: What really helps is that I'm familiar with these sports myself. I know how to prepare for the photos because I can anticipate what to expect. However, you can never be entirely sure. Everything still revolves around capturing the perfect moment in the perfect place and time, regardless of the sport.


BT: Having been in so many adrenaline-pumping situations yourself, does it give you a unique perspective when capturing those moments for others?


M: It certainly helps a lot. I constantly feel that the more time I dedicate to sports, the more my photography evolves. This knowledge mutually influences each other.


BT: The photography world is vast. What drew you to specialize in capturing motion, especially in the context of adventure sports?


M: This type of photography brings me the most joy and satisfaction. Simply put, I like taking these pictures, so I naturally want to pursue this direction even more because there's still a lot to learn.


BT: Share with us a memorable anecdote from one of your Broger shoots. Were there any challenges or unexpected moments that turned into a masterpiece?


M: Here there should be a note that 90% of the sessions are improvised, but they turn out cool anyway! We were doing a new collection shoot in Gran Canaria. Everything was perfectly planned, but the model was 1.5 hours late. We were racing against time because the sun was starting to set and we had a lot of material to cover. In the end, we managed, and I'm pleased with the results.


BT: Beyond the lens, tell us about Monika. When you're not capturing breathtaking shots or riding down slopes, what fills your world?


M: Haha, nice one! I laughed because, for the most part, that's what I do. Either I'm taking pictures, editing them, or looking for inspiration from photographers I admire. If not that, then I'm wandering around the mountains, with or without a bike, or I'm relaxing in nature with a hammock. What am I doing with my life, haha.


BT: For aspiring photographers out there who are mesmerized by the world of motion, what advice would you give them?


M: I don't feel advanced enough to give advice to others. Maybe just… follow your passion.


Monika's story paints a vivid picture - one of passion, adventure, and the sheer thrill of capturing the perfect moment. Through her lens, Broger comes alive, a blend of motion and emotion. Whether it's the rush of a downhill trail, the roar of a motorcycle, or the pristine silence of a snow-covered slope, Monika is there, capturing every heartbeat. With every click, Broger's essence comes alive, framed by adrenaline and passion. So, gear up, ride the vibe, and dive into the world of Broger, all through Monika's dynamic lens. Let's roll!