The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

Why motorcycle jeans are better than regular?

What looks like a prominent topic for seasoned motorcyclists may still turn heads during a barstool conversation. "Can you feel safe wearing jeans on a motorcycle? Yeah, just don't crash!" While it is true that avoiding road rash will keep your jeans clean, we genuinely believe there is a safer way. Simply riding with fully-fledged motorcycle protective clothing!

Motorcycle jeans story

The perfect raw denim is made to fade. Crafted to be an enduring piece that can stand up to as much abuse as you can throw at it. Yet, I bet non of you would like to rumble in it at 60mph over a hot asphalt surface of the California coast. Denim is a die-hard stylish piece, but you don't need to lose your style to be protected.

By the end of the '90s, the popularity of city motorcycles grew tremendously. So made the demand for protective clothing that would go side by side with cafe-racer and classic motorcycles aesthetics.

Leather trousers became too chopper-like, expensive, and uncomfortable. Let alone riding them during hot days. Motorcyclists needed an upgrade with new materials and a completely new apparel line. The birth of motorcycle protective gear was on its way. A combination of safety and design that followed current market trends became a new standard.

Ok, so why motorcycle jeans are different and better?

The simplest motorcycle jeans have built-in knee protectors and Kevlar shorts. They protect against burning temperatures and friction, which emerge when falling off the motorcycle. Just like that, you can save your a** with just a bit of protection. Imagine what the most advanced solutions bring! The best protective jeans are designed in line with human anatomy. Not only do they have more protectors in contact points during crashes. Unique elastic patches adjust to the rider's body, significantly improving the comfort of sitting on a bike and movement. Add ventilation panels with aramid or Covec fibres to keep the whole piece intact, and you get military-grade gear ready to hit the highway. The best part is it can still look like casual motorcycle clothing but surpass it in every possible way.

Bottom line

While denim has been a king of the road for long, motorcycle jeans are here to keep you in one piece. Save your beloved jacket for sunset get-togethers and make the crew happy by staying
alive. Thankfully, protective products created for motorcyclists are no longer only available in neon green, and even the basic models already protect you making it easy to ride more miles!