The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

The advantage of motorcycle jeans over regular jeans explained

Can you feel safe wearing jeans on a motorcycle? Although regular and motorcycle jeans look the same, there is a crucial distinction between them. The latter is a fully-fledged motorcycle protective clothing.

 “Why can’t regular jeans be an alternative to motorcycle jeans? They are almost the same. Why should I overpay?” – We hear such questions a lot, and the answer is “no”. Read on to learn the difference once and for all.   

Motorcycle jeans story

At the beginning of 2000, the popularity of city motorcycles grew tremendously. So did the demand for protective clothing that would go side by side with cafe-racer, custom, and classic motorcycles aesthetics.

Leather trousers started to be considered too chopper-like, expensive, and uncomfortable. The producers noticed the market gap and introduced motorcycle jeans. In this way, they wanted to combine the highest safety and top design of clothes that followed current market trends.  

How are they built?

The simplest motorcycle jeans are equipped with knee protectors and braced with Kevlar shorts. They protect against very high temperatures and friction, which emerge when falling off the motorcycle. More advanced models have additional hip and tailbone protectors.

Most protective jeans are designed in line with human anatomy. This means they have elastic panels sewed in, which adjust to the rider’s body, significantly improving the comfort of sitting on a bike. Some have ventilation, which is a life-saver on hot days.

Recently, motorcycle trousers made of specially reinforced denim become available. This material consists of highly abrasion-resistant fibers, such as aramid or Covec. Making the trousers on a pair with leather clothing or even surpassing it.  


Motorcycle jeans were created for motorcyclists who value both safety and city styling. But besides the looks, they have nothing in common with the regular ones. Even the basic models already protect you against the effects of friction and high temperature in case of an accident. Thus, try as you might, put external Velcro knee pads, but regular jeans will never assure such safety as motorcycle jeans do.