What motorcycle boots should I buy?

What motorcycle boots should I buy?

What motorcycle boots should I buy?
That's a motorcycle question that needs to be addressed sharp and clear. These motorcycle boots will be your protectors, style badge and companion for long hours. Choosing the right pair may seem like a challenge, but with Broger folks, we will make it as easy as possible. Dig in!  

Let's think about this process as a funnel. We will begin with the vast sea of shoes to make it down to the best motorcycle boots made just for you. There is a pair somewhere, and we need to find it! The first step is relatively easy, thanks to the past progressive decades. We can easily find motorcycle boots both for men and women - just like the classic Montana line... We know some offers may be tempting, but as the primary colours run mostly in black, brown and… well' that is it in the classic looks! We won't trouble you with a colour pallet of sport and road offerings in the fleshy new age design, as we don't use them. And if we don't, we don't waste our readers' precious time! In this article, we will focus only on leather motorcycle shoes, like Alaska II. The boot looks like a hiking shoe but has everything for a daily moto cruising.  

 Broger Motorcycle Boots

As we made it past the first step, the second one would be considering motorcycle boots only. With that in mind, many lookalikes are on the market, so if you plan to rock your bike on a real road, pick only officially certified products. Look for CE ratings, built-in protectors and materials ready for your surroundings. 


A man in motorcycle boots Broger - Alaska

What does that mean? Think about shoes as a tool for your work. If you plan to rock casual motorcycle shoes during daily chords in the city, stiff leather may not be your best option. If you are going down the country and ride roads less travelled - find a robust pair!  

Keeping your feet in one piece is the number one job for a boot. In pair to being safe, they should be as comfortable as possible! To obtain the comfort of your motorcycle boots, choose the right size!  


How to size foot for motorcycle boots? 

This is a tricky one. First, find a good sizing piece - they lay around in sports shops, so you have an extra mission during your next visit to a mall. Why use them? Because they will tell not only your proper feet size but also its width! Many manufacturers use internal sizing charts to help you, but knowing your foot size will help you a ton. If you are just in between the sizing - pick the larger one. More space will help you fit in a decent sock and break-in easier. If you are having trouble finding your shoe size in the online shop, a trip to a real motorcycle shoe dealer will solve everything and score you a new riding friend!  

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How to break in motorcycle boots? 

YouTube has plenty of answers to that question, but from our experience, it's all about the material your shoes are made of. We will go for the wet option if it is leather, just like in the Broger Ohio line. By moist, we mean pulling on a wet sock (just some quick and easy soak in warm, clean water will do) and putting on the new shoe. Note - do it only when you are sure to keep the shoes, as the seller may be angry if you send back a soaked pair!  

What to do when you put on your new beloved shoes with the wet socks in? Walk them around a garage doing chords and bend them gently! Leather soaks in the moisture and adapts its shape to your feet, making the experience blister-free for the future! As the motorcycle boots dry with time after you take them off, they will keep the personalised shape and make each ride a bliss!