What's your motorcycle style?

What's your motorcycle style?

What's your motorcycle style?

The motorcycle-style talk has been here for decades as every generation brings its own definition to the table. With tons of motorcycle apparel hitting the shelves every year, we’re here to tell you what are the timeless dos and don'ts for your motorcycle style.? Below, Broger team has prepared a simple guide to look sharp for any occasion! 

  • Safety before steez! 
  • Every gear's primary goal is to keep you in one piece during your adventures. It doesn't matter if you are on a coffee run or surviving Alaskan's wastelands. Ideally, we always start our gear collection with protection in mind, choosing only  CE revised motorcycle apparel.  We know Summer shouts for loose clothing to feel the breeze, but no summer story is worth compromising our safety. 

    Men's starting his journey on a motorcycle
  • How to choose motorcycle apparel? 
  • Let's start at the basics. To call your set complete, we’d consider a  solid pair of motorcycle boots, a comfortable pair of motorcycle jeans, a jacket, a set of gloves and a trustworthy helmet.  For the article's sake, we will call it a "motorcycle clothing set".

    Now that we know what you need, you should ask yourself, where am I riding? There is a piece of clothing for every situation possible, so decide where the road will take you today. It’s safe to say, that riding in jeans and a shirt won’t make you smile during a heavy storm in the wild

    At Broger, each of our lines complements the other, so play with it until you find your daily go-to motorcycle clothing set! 

  • Dress for the job. 
  • Each motorcycle clothing scene has an unwritten code. From classic Harley Davidson-inspired denim and leather combinations through a full-on one-piece MotoGP suits to almost casually looking textiles.  The options are so broad that only a die-hard fan can argue that there’s just one ultimate look for  a biker. We are happy to assure you -there isn’t

    The world is too big to limit our minds to one option only.There is no do-it-all type of apparel, and there will never be, so dress up for the ride you want to enjoy and keep it rubber side down! 

  • Trust the technology 
  • These days, you can ride in pretty much any condition with universal fabrics and meshes. From waterproof to fully breathable - it is all there.  

    Sitting down for hours on an open road without a single sweat drop on your back is within your reach.. Leather may be great for abrasion resistance and a stylish look, but with 30+ Celsius outside, you will think twice before jumping into a one-piece. 

    The conclusion is still the same - the road you take determines the gear you choose.  A trustworthy, high technology motorcycle gear is your best friend on the road that allows you to experience the ride to the fullest. With a proper one, each engine start can be bliss. 

  • Find what suits you best! 
  • A good idea would be to do some rounds through the motorcycle clothing stores and find your fit and size. Each company has its own size chart, so keep that in mind while proceeding to the checkout. Aiming for high-quality products within your budget is improving the deal and keeping us all safer on the road. !With this simple guide you can stay protected, true to your style and focus on what really matters, enjoying the ride!