Montana Wine Motorcycle Boots

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Timeless meets durable in the new look at the Montana motorcycle boots. These biker boots would be our pick, if we had plans to make it straight out of the highway to the Met Gala's red carpet. Luckily, we stick to pushing miles in the saddle with no such problems, as roads are the best catwalks.

Natural cowhide leather with comfy insoles and hidden protectors will keep you relaxed during a day full of cruising, meetings and the smell of gasoline! Never pass a chance to ride your bike!


  • 100% cowhide
  • Rubber sole


  • SAS-TEC ankle protectors protect the vulnerable zone
  • Heel reinforcement as a barrier in case of impact
  • Stiffened boot top to protect the front of the foot
  • Double stitching significantly increases durability
  • Reinforced sole


  • Shift lever reinforcement
  • Ortholite foam liner covered with polyester mesh to absorb vibration and maximize comfort


  • Urban style and the look of iconic martens
  • Available sizes: 36-48 (sizes are exaggerated, so take a size smaller than standard)



If you love a comfortable urban style that involves moving around all day, visiting friends, and chilling in every pub - Montana boots are made for you. Extremely comfortable and practical, and safe thanks to SAS-TEC protectors.


Unique sole

The sole of Montana boots, thanks to the integrated insole, is hard and stiff enough to ensure safety on the motorcycle, but not so much that it interferes with everyday riding. It perfectly absorbs the vibrations generated while riding a motorcycle. Mesh insert is responsible for great ventilation.


CE certificate

Certification of products is a long and laborious process. It requires meeting many guidelines imposed by certification bodies, perfecting absolutely every detail, every thread. All Broger products are certified, which means that they are so safe that you can ride a motorcycle in them without any fear.