CE Declarations

Because safety can look good too

Our products are officially CE approved PPE under EN17092, level AA or A safety by European commission approved body.

The CE approval process includes rigorous tests on garments to measure their armor effectiveness, seam strength and outer materials’ abrasion resistance. All test samples have been subjected to 5 wash cycles in accordance with ISO 6330 Procedure 3N.

Aramid Fiber

Lightweight, durable and extraordinarily – strong. Aramid is an abrasion-resistant fabric that is best known for its ballistic body armor – just think of the protection it can give you while riding your motorcycle. Allowing heroes to be heroes it makes Broger motorcycle gear dependable and safe. Broger utilises DuPont™ Kevlar® 250g.


UHMWPE stands for Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is extremely difficult to tear or break the fabric with DYNEEMA® material. This fabric is used even in bulletproof vests. It is said to be 15 times as strong as steel, yet still flexible enough to be woven into different fabrics, making your motorcycle apparel extremely safe and comfortable.


Cordura® is more durable and abrasion resistant than other nylons and is particularly suited to use in heavy conditions. Densely woven fabric, makes the jeans used in such conditions last longer, look like authentic denim, being comfortable. Due to its molecular structure, Cordura fabric maintains excellent heat resistant and strength properties. Cordura is very breathable and light making it especially useful in hot climates.

SAS-TEC protectors

To provide maximum protection to your knees, all protectors in our jeans are made of durable, viscoelastic soft foam. It’s a revolutionry material that hardens upon impact, absorbing its energy, and thus protecting your knees from injuries. This protective function combined with an extraordinary service life is the reason why we’ve chosen SAS-TEC protectors.


Hidden or visible – it’s up to you! You can roll the legs of your jeans up or down to either show or hide the reflective elements. They improve your visibility, thus making you safer on the road.

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