Florida II Slim Fit Washed Black Motorcycle Jeans | Lady

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The Broger Florida II Lady is high-waisted motorcycle jeans. They are the perfect choice for women who appreciate style and safety on a motorcycle. The slim cut fits the female silhouette perfectly and the ultra-durable Armalith denim makes the Broger Florida II Lady jeans almost indestructible.

Purpose: City

Cut: Slim fit

Number of layers: 1


  • one layer: Armalith denim class AA


Your safety is ensured by SAS-TEC® protectors (hip, knee), tailbone pad and durable Armalith for the highest level of protection.

  • SAS-TEC® CE level 1 hip protectors
  • SAS-TEC® CE level 2 adjustable knee protectors
  • SAS-TEC tailbone pad
  • product is sewn according to CE standards
  • abrasion class AA


Thanks to the addition of elastane, the Broger Florida II Lady motorcycle jeans guarantee a perfect fit and freedom of motion.


The high rise ensures maximum comfort whilst wearing. In the riding position, it covers the waist and prevents the trousers from slipping down, while in the upright position, it enhances the feminine silhouette.


The pockets hold everything you need to carry when you ride.

  • 5 external pockets

What does Armalith® give you?


  • it's truly high-tech in the cause of safety - inside the screw thread is UHMWPE, a fiber used in the manufacture of astronautical and military equipment. The UHMWPE is surrounded by cotton with the addition of Lycra® dualFX®,
  • is highly resistant to cuts, tears and abrasion,
  • is UV resistant and therefore retains its mechanical properties over time.


  • one layer provides as good protection as products with removable liners,
  • has the mechanical properties of leather while retaining the comfort of regular jeans,
  • the cosmic technology combined with denim provides exceptional comfort and protection, meeting CE standards at all three levels: A, AA and AAA, to cover all needs from city riding to high impact.


  • the safety of a single layer of ultra-strong fabric combined with the comfort, softness and stretch of denim. Armalith® is real denim - stylish, soft, stretchy, and breathable. It can be sewn into anything a designer can think of and it will look and feel great,
  • Armalith® is also an environmentally friendly fiber - made entirely in Europe from certified cotton, produced at low temperatures and without heavy metals in the pigments.