Is a riding shirt a good choice?

Is a riding shirt a good choice?

Is a riding shirt a good choice?

You are about to find out! Motorcycle shirts, to be exact, are a perfect solution for scorching summer days. We should underline the motorcycle tag. It is easy to get tempted by flashy new drops on the market and forget that despite being durable during road accidents, a riding shirt still needs to give decent protection! Always start your window shopping with a CE tag in mind and look for levels of security on each pad apparel. You can find our explainer on such a topic here. 

Getting back to the main subject - is a motorcycle shirt a good choice? The new technologies allowed it to be a game changer for many. Like our Alaska jeans shirt, you don't need to compromise on anything during your road adventures. It's full of hidden gems, but first thing first, how does it compare to a regular motorcycle jacket? 


Riding shirt vs jacket 


There will be pros and cons for both sides, but with a swimming pool session in mind by the end of a trip, we will focus on the summer days comparison. Motorcycle armour starts with a fine jacket that doesn't mind a beating. When all the protective tags are in place, the second thing that comes to mind is the primary material used. Even with the lightest fibres of Kevlar or Dyneema, a jacket will be sturdy and hot when we think about classic looks.  

Broger - Riding shirt & jacket


On the other hand, a motorcycle shirt with Kevlar fibres and top-notch protection can do all of the above. The only downside may be the abrasions resistance, which with heavy jackets is always superior. Yet, when you consider keeping yourself cool with the highly breathable materials, removable pads for quick routes and easy-to-operate magnetic buttons like in most Broger shirts, it's a wear-and-forget type of casual motorbike clothing. 


Motorcycle riding shirt for summer 


We think we already told you the truth about the shirt choice, but of course, there will be days when you will get tempted to don't wear anything on top of your t-shirt. With hectic days ahead, let us remind you it's better to sweat a little than to be scarred for life. If you are going to burn asphalt with 30+ Celsius in the shadow, we could recommend looking for a motorcycle jersey. It may not be our style, and you may end up as a beefy hockey enthusiast on two wheels. Yet, with build-it protector pads - it may be worth trying to make fishnet clothing great again. Broger is well known for its timeless style so we will keep it between denim, leather and fabric, but yeah, it's a free country, so rock what you want, baby!  

woman on a motorcycle


Which riding shirt to buy? 


That's a tricky one, but comfort and style would be our leading picks after ticking off the protection box. We have plenty to offer, but if you are just here to decide before the next purchase - try them out first. Each manufacturer has its style and sizing, most of which take great pictures too. Instagram versus reality checkbox is becoming a thing of the past, as we tend to believe everything looks great in the casual motorcycle fashion - double review everything before going all out on your wallet online. We are all humans, so trying out before buying should be the key to success with everything that supposes to protect your life by the end of a day. Ride on!