man on a motorcycle

Stylish and safe – yes, it's possible!

man on a motorcycle

Judging by the fact that you are already at Broger's website, we take it for granted you are a stylish person. Yet, do you need to compromise between bulky moto protection and a sharp look? We don't think so!

This article will help you believe our words with common ideas on choosing the right motorcycle gear! There are few easy ways to even start considering proper motorcycle apparel so without further introduction, let's get straight to business.

Stylish and good-looking

Just like you! A brief introduction about motorcycle style would cover all the main genres or destinations where a motorcycle can take you.

With classic coffee racer vibes with denim and sunglasses, one-piece leather suits for street burners and heavy dark leather jackets of Hells Angles wannabes.

Alaska shity infographic

While we are the last to judge your blue steel, we want to give you a trick on matching your outfits. Broger made it simple to mix the colours of the leading clothing branches, so it is time to dig into the features as we get past colours (which are entirely subjective).

Protective motorcycle apparel

First, we count motorcycle gear only if it was labelled with proper CE badges. CE stands for European Conformity.

A CE label on a product is a declaration of compliance with the relevant or applicable health, safety, and environmental protection legislation for products sold within the European Economic Area.

Talking simply - is tested by lawmakers and declared to be doing the job.

After you spot the CE label on the motorcycle gear - you will probably notice a standard underneath which it was tested. Having such a label means each part of the moto gear passed a test.

Boots need to meet EN 13634:2017 standards, gloves EN 13594:2015, hip, knee, elbow and shoulder protectors to EN 1621-1:2012, back protectors to EN 1621-2:2014, and chest protectors EN 1621-3:2018. If your gear matches those numbers, it is worth spending money on.

Understanding Certification Classes and ways of testing the equipment may give you a headache, but we found a simple way of understanding it. For motorcycle clothing, we have various categories of classification:

  • Class AAA/AA/A stuff has both protection against impacts and abrasion.
  • Class B products only offer protection against abrasion.
  • Class C Over(CO) and C Under(CU) only hold one or more impact protectors and only offers impact protection for the areas covered by them (not the full product). 

Ohio Boots Infographic

Brands try to make it around the official standards and offer their in-house naming of protection levels. That is a yellow flag - always take notice of the following information when trying to figure out whether a garment, boot or a pair of gloves is actually CE-compliant. Part of CE compliance is also correct labelling - an easy way to distinguish fake labelling from an authentic one.

Despite all the efforts made by the authorities to keep you protected while buying your motorcycle equipment, the best way to stay safe is common sense. We think about other road users as hangover newbies, making it easier to understand their manoeuvres later on.

What else is essential in motorcycle protective gear?

Apart from the cool look - check if your chosen piece has the protectors where you may touch the asphalt when rolling. We know denim shirts are excellent, but you can easily remove or put in protectors with the technology nowadays while keeping the look. For jackets, we would call for shoulder and back protectors for longer distances, and if you need some extra safety - even a chest piece. Well, you never know when you are going to roll! That is why a helmet is a must!

Most urban motorcycling clothing has a hidden protector to look casual on and off the bike while keeping you safe. For example, our Florida jacket ticks all the boxes for daily protection while looking like a mechanic's favourite. You don't need to compromise on safety - you need to be observant while shopping. For our lovely ladies out there, we made it even easier. We offer tailored fit for both sexes, so the time to use your boyfriend's jacket is finally over!

The same goes for motorbike shoes, jeans or gloves - it doesn't matter if you are riding street, track, downtown or waste - your gear should always provide the best protection possible and fit your body!

gloves on the ground

Not leaving you empty-handed as the article states, we will help you choose your stylish attire - for urban riders, we would personally go for Broger Florida Washed Black jacket with Ohio Blue jeans, Montana Wine shoes and Alaska Black gloves. Damn, that looks good!

Conclusion of style

Style matters, but being alive is far better. Always choose a verified motorcycle gear with proven labels. While searching for the apparel out there - try it before you buy it. Proper fit and size will help you spend more hours in the saddle wherever you ride! See you on the road!